Dr. Rūta Ubarevičienė

Geographer and sociologist. Analysing global and local spatial processes of the social and economic systems. Expert in socio-spatial change, social segregation and depopulation.


I am a researcher with a background in urban and regional geography as well as sociology. I have successfully defended 2 PhD thesis in these fields. My primary research interests are spatial inequalities, depopulation, internal migration and social segregation. I specialize in the use of spatial analysis and statistical techniques in my research. Currently I am working as a researcher at the Urbanism Department, Delft University of Technology and at the Institute of Human Geography and Demography, Lithuanian Social Research Centre.



Burneika D., Ubarevičienė R. & Baranuskaitė R. (forthcoming). Soviet housing estates in Vilnius – socio-ethnic structure and future(-less?) perspectives, in Housing Estates in the Baltics: The Legacy of Central Planning in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, edited by D. Hess & T. Tammaru. Springer.
Gedvilaitė-Kordušienė M., Tretjakova V. & Ubarevičienė R. (2019). Bevaikystė Lietuvoje: tendencijos, normos ir regioninė diferenciacija [Childlessness in Lithuania: Trends, Norms and Spatial Differention]. Socialinė teorija, empirija, politika ir praktika, 18, 96-111.
Tretjakova V., Pociūtė-Sereikienė V. & Ubarevičienė R. (2018). Paauglių kūdikių gimstamumo kaitos tendencijos: Europos Sąjungos kontekstas ir regioninė diferenciacija Lietuvoje [Trends in Adolescent Fertility: EU Context and Regional Differentiation in Lithuania]. Lithuanian Journal of Statistics, 57(1), 41-55.
Ubarevičienė R. (2018). City systems in the Baltic states: the Soviet legacy and current paths of change. Europa Regional , 25(2), 15-29.
Burneika D., Baranauskaitė, A. & Ubarevičienė R. (2017). Social segregation and spatial differentiation of electoral alignment in Vilnius Metropolitan area. Geographia Polonica 90 (2), 87-110.
Ubarevičienė R., & van Ham, M. (2017). Population decline in Lithuania: who lives in declining regions and who leaves? Regional Studies, Regional Science 4 (1), 57-79.
Burneika D. & Ubarevičienė R. (2016). Socio-ethnic segregation in the metropolitan areas of Lithuania. Czech Sociological Review 52 (6), 795–819
Ubarevičienė R., van Ham M. & Burneika D. (2016). Shrinking regions in a shrinking country: The geography of population decline in Lithuania 2001-2011. Urban Studies Research.
Ubarevičienė R. (2016). Lietuvos gyventojų vidaus migracijų teritoriniai ypatumai XXI a. [Territorial features of internal migration of Lithuanian population in the XXI century]. Lietuvos socialinė raida [Social Development in Lithuania] 5. P, 9-24. Vilnius: Lithuanian Social Research Centre
Valatka V., Burneika D. & Ubarevičienė R. (2016). Large social inequalities and low levels of socio-economic segregation in Vilnius, in Socio-economic segregation in European Capital cities: East meets West, edited by T. Tammaru, S. Marcińczak, M. van Ham and S. Musterd. P, 313–332, London and New York: Routledge.
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Burneika D. & Ubarevičienė R. (2015). The economic crisis and development of Vilnius urban region – spatial aspects. Regional and Local development 2 (60), 81-96. EUROREG.
Ubarevičienė R. & Burneika D. (2015). Spatial transformation of the economy in the post-communist period: The case of the Vilnius urban region. Geographia Polonica, 1 (88), 143-157.
Pociūtė-Sereikienė G., Kriaučiūnas E. & Ubarevičienė R. (2014). Peripheralisation trends in rural territories: the case of Lithuania. Studies in Agricultural Economics 116, 122-130.
Burneika D., Daugirdas V., & Ubarevičienė R. (2014). Migration as a factor of development of the depopulating areas in East EU countries – The case of Lithuania. EUROPA XXI, 27, 79-95.
Ubarevičienė R. (2014). Lietuvos teritorijos apgyvendinimo kaita XXI a.: miestų-regionų formavimasis [The change of the settlement structure in the XXI century Lithuania: city-regions formation]. Lietuvos socialinė raida [Social Development of Lithuania], P. 92-112. Vilnius: Lithuanian Social Research Centre
Kriaučiūnas E., Ubarevičienė R. & Pociūtė-Sereikienė G. (2014). Lietuvos kaimo apgyvendinimo kaitos regioninės ypatybės 2001 – 2011 metais [Regional peculiarities of changes in rural settlement’s system in Lithuania during the period 2001-2011]. Lietuvos socialinė raida [Social Development of Lithuania], P. 78-91. Vilnius: Lithuanian Social Research Centre
Kriaučiūnas E., Krupickaitė D., Pociūtė-Sereikienė G. & Ubarevičienė R. (2014). Lietuvos kaimo gyvenviečių funkcijų kaitos regioninės ypatybės [Regional pecularities of rural settlements function change in Lithuania]. Geografijos metraštis 47, 70-87.
Burneika D., Ubarevičienė R., Pociūtė G. & Kriaučiūnas E. (2013). The impact of Vilnius city on the transformation trends of the sparsely populated EU east border region. Etniškumo studijos/Ethnicity studies 2, 50-69.
Ubarevičienė R., Burneika D. & Kriaučiūnas E. (2011). The sprawl of Vilnius city – establishment and analysis of growing urban region. Annales Geographicae 43-44, 98-109.
Burneika D. & Ubarevičienė R. (2011). The sprawl of Vilnius city – some consequences of rural-urban transformations. Annales Geographicae 43-44, 110-117.
Burneika D., Kriaučiūnas E., & Ubarevičienė R. (2010). The problem of research of actors of urban change in post- soviet cities – Vilnius case. Annales Geographicae 43-44, 42-53.


Burneika, D., Ubarevičienė, R., Valatka, V., Baranauskaitė, A., Pociūtė-Sereikienė, G., Daugirdas, V. & Krupickaitė, D. (2016). Lietuvos metropoliniai regionai: Plėtros ir segreacijos ypatumai XXI a. pradžioje [The metropolitan regions of Lithuania: Residential differentiation in the 21st century]. Monograph. Vilnius: Lithuanian Social Research Centre
Lietuvos socio-demografinės politikos “Baltoji knyga”. Gairės tolesnės demografinės politikos plėtrai [“White book” of socio-demographic politics in Lithuania. The guidelines for demographic policy]. Co-author. 2016. Vilnius: Lithuanian Social Research Centre & Ministry of social security and labour
Daugirdas, V., Burneika, D., Kriaučiūnas, E., Ribokas, G., Stanaitis, S. & Ubarevičienė, R. (2013). Lietuvos retai apgyventos teritorijos [Sparsely populated areas in Lithuania]. Monograph. Vilnius: Lithuanian Social Research Centre

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Profile photo of Maarten van Ham

Maarten van Ham

Maarten is Professor of Urban Renewal and head of the Urban and Neighbourhood Change research group at the Department OTB - Research for the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology. Maarten is a population geographer with a background in economic and urban geography; is a Research Fellow at IZA; and Professor of Geography at the University of St Andrews. In 2014, Maarten was awarded a 2 million Euro ERC Consolidator Grant for a 5-year research project on neighbourhood effects (DEPRIVEDHOODS).

Profile photo of Kadi Magi

Kadi Magi

Kadi Mägi is a researcher at the Tartu University, Centre for Migration and Urban Studies. In 2018 she defended PhD thesis "Ethnic residential segregation and integration of the Russian-speaking population in Estonia“. Her research interests include ethnic segregation, integration, ethnic identity, migration, urban geography, housing estate neighbourhoods.

Profile photo of Donatas Burneika

Donatas Burneika

Head of Department of Human geography at Lithuanian Social Research Centre and Professor at the Vilnius University. Donatas is also the Regional Studies Association Ambassador for Lithuania.

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Gintare Pociute

Gintare is a post-doc researcher at the Lithuanian Social Research Centre, Institute of Human Geography and Demography. Her academic research interests encompass regional and urban geography, urban shrinkage, peripheralisation and territorial polarisation, post-transition period. In 2014 Gintare defended PhD thesis under the title “Spatial structure of peripherality in Lithuania”. Currently she leads a research project "Spatial differentiation of adolescent fertility in Lithuania: socioeconomic environment, the role of sexual education and individual experiences (2017-2019).

Profile photo of Tiit Tammaru

Tiit Tammaru

Prof. Tammaru is Professor of Urban and Population Geography and Head of the Centre for Migration and Urban Research at the Department of Geography at the University of Tartu, Estonia. He is a leading scholar on socio-economic and ethnic segregation, urban and neighbourhood change, migration, residential mobility, and housing, and is especially interested in understanding the spatial dimensions of urban poverty and migration, and associated spatial and social policy.


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